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This article is about the first game in the series. For the character with the same name, see Suguri (character).

スグリ "SUGURI" a little war in brand-new earth. is a 2D horizontal shooting game with automatic targeting for the PC.

Gameplay Edit

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SUGURI offers three game modes: ARCADE, STORY and MATCH mode. ARCADE makes you play through all the stages in order and a game over means that you return to the title screen. In STORY mode (renamed STAGE SELECT in the Steam edition) you play through each stage individually, after a game over you can simply try a stage again. MATCH mode needs to be unlocked and allows you to battle the game's boss enemies, also offering the difficulty level SP as an extra challenge.

The goal of each stage in SUGURI is to survive the waves of incoming enemies and defeat the boss. You start each stage with a full healthbar and lose the game once it is depleted. For each stage you have to equip 2 weapons out of 17. When you play SUGURI for the first time, you can choose between three initial weapons: Beam Rifle, Machine Gun and Bazooka. You can unlock more weapons by playing a certain amount of times or by achieving an A rank in specific stages.

Using the Hyper Dash mechanic to evade enemy shots and managing the Heat and Hyper gauges is essential to beating the game.

Story Edit

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SUGURI is the story of a little girl trying to protect her beloved planet Earth from the sudden invasion of a robotic army.

Strategy Edit

Main articles: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, Stage 7, Achievement guide and Enemy attack patterns

Keep in mind that you can always swap your weapons after beating a stage, even in Arcade mode. Your weapon choice influences the difficulty of the various stages very much.

Example:The Sword+Spread Gun combo works well in the first two stages, but does poorly against the stage 3 boss. Something like Beam Rifle+Beam Bazooka is the snug and safe way there.

Please read the Weapon guide for more information and choose your weapons for each stage prudently.

Fitting for a shooting game, the enemies fly in relentlessly. Take them out as soon as possible or you will have a screen filled with bullets. In SUGURI however you can increase your Hyper gauge using the large amount of bullets and then sweep the screen with one or two Hyper attacks. Learn the enemy patterns so that the situation doesn’t overwhelm you.

Miscellaneous Edit

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  • Developer: Orange-Juice
  • Publisher: Orange-Juice
  • Released: (original release) Comiket 69 (May 2005)
    • (Western release) Feb. 1, 2012
  • Genre: 2D horizontal shooting game
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Rockin' Android: "In the original SUGURI, experience the rush of battle with this fan-acclaimed and unique side-scrolling shoot-’em-up by indie Japanese game developer Orange_Juice. Showcasing unlockable weaponry,
fighting-game-like boss battles, and a cool techno/trance soundtrack,
SUGURI is a must-have, must-play shoot-’em-up. Lock-on, dash, and fire away! "