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Stage 1 - Forest Edit

Pretty much every weapon is useful in this stage. The Spread Gun in particular is very efficient here.

In most of the stages of Suguri you will confront interceptor aircrafts shooting homing rockets. Rockets are live ammunition, meaning that you can’t dash through them, but you can destroy them with your weapons. The rocket enemies tend to move around swiftly, it’s best to block their path and shoot them from the front for a guaranteed hit. In the first stage you'll also encounter large enemies shooting a fan of rocket. They are more resilient than the other aircrafts, and might startle you at first with their wide range of attack, but their attacks will always miss you if you simply stand still. Position yourself at mid-range and fire away. Destroy them before other, smaller enemies join in.

Midboss (4000 HP) Edit

The midboss doesn’t attack for about 5 seconds. Use the time to drain most of its HP with repeated dash cancel attacks. If you don't destroy it in time start dashing around at point blank range to fill your Hyper gauge quickly for a couple Hyper attacks. In the section immediately after the midboss you get attacked by waves of beam robots and interceptors. If you use a close range weapon and the lock-on reticle lands on a distant enemy press the nearest target button. After one last section of beam robots you reach the first boss, Saki.

Boss Saki (9000 HP) Edit

Saki likes Blue/Yellow contrast. For most of the battle you’ll have to deal with homing Beam shots. Dash a lot to get out of harm’s way and wipe out her rockets when you have the opportunity. Once she is on her last health bar, she will use her own Hyper attack, a much larger homing Beam ball. These home in much more than the small beam balls to the point that they can reappear from off-screen. She is quite vulnerable during the beginning of the attack so waste no time attacking her.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

Tornado Cymbal Edit

Tornado Cymbal

Damage: 400

Maracas Napalm Edit

Maracas Napalm

Damage: 1000

Durability: 40

Stardust Bell Edit

Stardust Bell

Damage: 400

Cyclone Cymbal Edit

Cyclone Cymbal

Damage: 400 (Beam), 600 (Live Ammunition shots)

Durability: 30

Tambourines Edit


Damage: 400

Durability: 40

Sunshine Bell

Sunshine Bell

Damage: 600