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Fans have created many unofficial Suguri manga over the years, and this page exists to try and catalog them.

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Collaboration of SUGURI

Collaboration of SUGURI vol.2

Hadaka no mama no yokbou de (裸のままの欲望で) [TL: With Naked Desire]

Burning Brave! (バーニングブレイブ!) [TL: BURNING BRAVE]

Tsundere Seven 21 (ツンデレセブン21) [TL: Tsundere Seven 21]

Nanako SOS! (ナナコSOS!) [TL: Nanako SOS!]

Acceleration of heartbeat

From Pixiv Edit

The observation of Suguri

School life of Alte

Miscellaneous Edit

Daidai Daisuki! Mixed Juice! (だいだい大好き! みっくすじゅ~すっ!) [TL: Orange Juice love! Mixed Juice!) was a compilation manga by multiple authors that also included a CD with 4 song remixes.